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You May Just Have Adult ADHD If...

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Although you mean well, you are willing to work hard, and you have ambition, for some reason you have an extra difficult life. Here are the five signs that you could have adult Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder:

 1. When you were in the third grade, and you started out taking a math test but ended up making a spectacular drawing of a horse on your desktop. (The math test paper was never found.)

Your idiosyncrasies didn't start when you were twenty-four. You were born with tendencies that lead to some jumbled up wiring in your brain. This meant that you made the other students laugh a lot with your antics, or you slowed down the learning curve for the entire class with your jiggling leg, your mouth sounds, or having to hear the teacher constantly remind you to stay on task.

 This could also explain why you were on first name basis with the assistant vice principal of your high school.

2. You start out to clean out the shed and end up in a tent with the kids blowing bubbles. (They weren't even your kids.)

At home and at work, you would prefer to come up with ideas and plans, but you aren't too good at follow-through. You have awesome ideas and tend to be of the creative sort.

To stay on task requires such monumental self control, so that while you may have talent in various areas, you don't seem to accomplish very much. A lot of the things you have an interest in don't bring you as much enjoyment while in the process of doing them as you thought they would because it is so hard to focus on them for any length of time.

 Your desk, house, vehicle, are probably messy, or conversely you may be very neat and orderly but have a hard time keeping up with appointments or finding important paperwork.

3. You didn't finish your degree in college because you changed majors or relocated once too often.

You tend to be impulsive and restless.You may have some interesting adventures along the way, but you have regrets that you never seem to finish the things that would make you prosperous and successful.

4. You broke up the new entertainment center you were attempting to put together, and your cursing made the cat jump next door. The project ended up in pieces out in the trash, and you ended up drunk or you couldn't get out of bed the next day.

You have a low tolerance for frustration and you also have a hot temper. You either have frequent episodes of road rage  or you are the one that gets yelled at by other drivers. You are moody and mercurial. Normal everyday stresses have you twisted up in knots and affect your health. You may have a substance abuse disorder.

5. Your significant other is thinking of joining a traveling carnival cult to get away from you.

Even though you tend to be a fun person, your antics, lack of success, mood swings, and possible anger issues tend to make for unstable relationships.Your coworkers are wary of you, and your friends may come and go.Your parents sigh a lot.

Life could be better for you, but you need to seek treatment for this condition. You should discuss your symptoms with a doctor or psychiatric professional and they will question you,and possibly your spouse or significant other, about the kinds of things discussed in this article. They may also want to talk to your parents and former teachers about your issues in childhood. 

Your doctor may prescribe hyperactivity medications such as stimulants, non-stimulant hyperactivity drugs, and or antidepressants for you. Treatment will also include cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and life skills coaching to help you better cope with this condition. If you have a substance abuse disorder along with ADHD, you will also receive treatment for that.

Family counseling can help your family members and significant other or mate to better understand your condition, be more supportive, and also have some support for themselves to deal with the stresses that this condition causes.

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